Neonatal Resuscitation

Summary week 3
In last weekend, I got a training about neonates Resuscitation from PERINASIA. I would like to share to all of you.
In the world, Asfiksia became the major causes of neonatal dead. It is about 19% each 5 million of neonates died every year. Almost all of new born are healthy, but it is about 10% of new baby that need help to start breathing for first time in their life and less than 1% that should get a complete resuscitation for surviving their life.
This program will help Us to learn how to do neonates resuscitation. There are many concept and skill that we learn step by step carefully. The most important thing is, as a major principle of this, an effective ventilation on neonates resuscitation. Because lack of oxygen in infant lung can lead to constriction of pulmonal artery that reduce arterial flows to take an oxygen. Less perfusion and adequate oxygenation when happen in along time could be affect of brain damage and others organ, also have impact into dead of the neonate.
I believe that if we have learn about it and we are competent, we could help the new born immediately and savely by giving an effective ventilation which help Neonatus could start their first breathing and keep survive.

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