Summary Week 4

Positive Thinking
Today, I would like to share about article that I read this morning. This article talk about Positive Thinking. I read this article when I search an article for my weekly assignment in internet. A Good attitude is start by positive thinking. It makes us feel much pleasant, comfort and peace. There are several advantages of positive thinking, first, It helps us to solve a stress condition. When we start getting nervous or stress, with positive thinking we could think clearly and we found a way how to solve this situation. Second, With positive thinking we feel much confident and try to be our self. Third, By good thinking I feel more happy than bad thinking, that make more focus and could do anything that I would. I am interested with this article because I feel more relax, fun, confident but keep in focus that help me to be a success person.

Modern language

The graph describe trend in the number of student accepted onto language degree courses at British University since 1994 until 1999. It was clear that there was an overall down ward trend in student During the period of 1994 -1999, all of courses became less popular.
The figure of French show the most amazing changes of all. In this period enrolment for French decline steadily to around 5.700. For the next One year, there was a little increase of around 100 student but there was a significant fall of about 600 in 1998. The Number finally down to around 4.700 in 1999. The pattern of German was as same as with French pattern. Starting from around 2,400 student in 1994, Until 1999 it keep steadily down into 2,100. The number of student accepted onto Russian courses are fluctuated between 400 and 500 for mostly of these time. But there was a fall into 300 in 1995.
Both of Spanish and Italian, there was increase steadily. From 1994 There was steady rise up in enrolement of Spanish of approximately 100 every year. The number of student studying Italian increase gradually to around 900 in 1997 and Kept stable for following two years.
In Short, all The figure told us that modern language become less popular over this time.

Testing on animals

Testing on Animal are completely wrong and inhumane, and should be not allowed.
I strongly agree with this statement, that said testing on animal are incorrect and cruel and should be stoped. Animal have a right and animal welfare.
One of the most important thing is animal should be free from suffer. State of being used of animal are not acceptable because it is less advantages for human and make animals misery, such as using animal for cosmetic testing and fur.
In addition animals have a right to be free from use and abuse by humans. These usually include the uses animal for entertain or just for fun sport. For example dog fighting and “topeng monyet”.
Another, animals should be protect from exploitation and hunting for commercials purposes. Many species animal in the world are rare and almost disappear, if the human had not been recovered the animal.
In other word, animal should be free from suffer, use and abuse, also should be protect from exploitation and hunting. I believe that animal have a sense. Animal right and animal welfare could keep the animals save from cruel practice.

Neonatal Resuscitation

Summary week 3
In last weekend, I got a training about neonates Resuscitation from PERINASIA. I would like to share to all of you.
In the world, Asfiksia became the major causes of neonatal dead. It is about 19% each 5 million of neonates died every year. Almost all of new born are healthy, but it is about 10% of new baby that need help to start breathing for first time in their life and less than 1% that should get a complete resuscitation for surviving their life.
This program will help Us to learn how to do neonates resuscitation. There are many concept and skill that we learn step by step carefully. The most important thing is, as a major principle of this, an effective ventilation on neonates resuscitation. Because lack of oxygen in infant lung can lead to constriction of pulmonal artery that reduce arterial flows to take an oxygen. Less perfusion and adequate oxygenation when happen in along time could be affect of brain damage and others organ, also have impact into dead of the neonate.
I believe that if we have learn about it and we are competent, we could help the new born immediately and savely by giving an effective ventilation which help Neonatus could start their first breathing and keep survive.

Weekly Summary 2

Childbirth Preparation

Preparing for childbirth is one of the most exciting times for a woman; however, it may also be a time of fear and anxiety for a mom-to-be. During this transitional period as a woman may start preparing for the special new addition to her family, she may also have to come to terms with the many adjustments that will have to be made. Staying organized, positive, relaxed and planning properly can help make the childbirth process easier.
There are several kind of childbirth preparation, first: Birth Plan, We have prepared this Birth Plan to help you understand the philosophy and the kind of care we hope to have for the birth of child. We have chosen our doctor/midwife/birth team because they shares our desire for a low-intervention birth and respects our need for good communication. We expect, and trust, that our practitioner will seek our opinion on all issues that may affect our birth experience or that deviate from this plan. We wish for as natural a birth as possible, avoiding unnecessary procedures and medications.

Second, health education programs about intranatal care. This programs that offer classes or educational experience which prepare prospective mother & their birth partners emotionally & physically for the pregnancy, labor & birth process and post partum. Also included are programs that prepare other members of the family for the arrival of a new family member. It is a dynamic process in which expectant parents learn cognitive information about physical & emotional aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, & early parenting. Coping skills & labor support techniques.

Thirt, lactation consult that prepare the mother for lactation process. It was done when pregnancy period. The mother have consultation all about lactation, baby care and nutrition for baby.
There are tree step of childbirth preparation, including birth plan, health educational program about intranatal care, and lactation consult.

CFC Emmission

That graph describe about the CFC emissions in four countries since 1989 until 2001. There are Egypt, Poland, Ukraine and Malaysia. From that graph we could see that the CFC emission is decline sharply in Poland and Ukraine But it is drops slightly in Egypt and Malaysian. In 1989, The Country that have the Highest CFC emission is Poland, it is about 5000 metric tons and the lowest is Egypt, it is about 2400 metric tons. From 1992 to 1995, CMC emission in Poland and Ukraine goes down sharply, although in Egypt still gradual decrease, and in Malaysia remains constant But it decrease sharply 1995 to 1998. Since 1995 until 2001, All country keep dip except Ukraine. It got slight rise from 950 to 1050. At 2001 Poland become the best country that have the lowest CFC emission in the air and Malaysia have the higher CFC emission.

Bizzare Act in the Crowds

Bizzare Act In The Crowds
Sometimes people act in a way they would not if they were alone when they are stand in crowds. Many people feel nervous when they are stand in front of public. They do something fool that they should not but sometime it done out of our consciousness.
There are many examples that people do when they are getting nervous in front of public. The first is they always take a deep breath, the second is they always repeat the word that they said and the third is they get diaphoresis.
There are several reason that why they feel this like. One is they get anxiety when they are not ready yet or maybe they stand in a new place so they do all that I have been wrote above. Another is they have been missed something important that it need in the situation, such as when we would present our research in front of strange people, they had missed to bring their laptop. Certainly, they start getting panic, they scratch head, take a deep breath and start sweating. It indicates that they were nervous or get anxiety.
Based on my experience sometime I feel the same way too, when I stand in front a lot of people to present my research. But when I am ready yet, I felt comfort and confidence so I can do it well. However, for the first time where ever we are sometime we are start getting nervous for a moment then we could to control our self. And so we can do the best that we could.

Article Review

I would like to summary a review article from a scientific nursing Journal, The Title is “Maternal Perceptions of Insufficient Milk Supply in Breastfeeding” It has been researched by Lisa Gatti, she has been published her research in  JOURNAL OF NURSING SCHOLARSHIP at 2008; 40:4, 355–363. SIGMA THETA TAU INTERNATIONAL. I got this Journal from

I would like to share to all about this review that Ms Lisa Gatti has been done.


Ms Lisa Gatti told us that :

The Purpose this review is Improving the duration of exclusive breastfeeding is a national and international priority. Insufficient milk supply is one of the most commonly cited reasons for early cessation or decreased exclusivity in women who have initiated breastfeeding. This paper is an integrative review of current research pertaining to perceived insufficient milk (PIM).


The Design and Methods that use in this review article is compilate all the current research about “human milk” and “milk supply” and “perceived milk supply.” were searched combining from : CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PubMed. An  Articles were limited to original research studies related to healthy, full-term breastfeeding dyads conducted over the past 10 years. Critical review indicated robust findings, limitations, and gaps in this body of literature.


The Findings of the Review is there A lot of women discontinue breastfeeding during the first few weeks of the postpartum period because of PIM and approximately 35% of all women who wean early

report PIM as the primary reason. Many women utilize infant satisfaction cues as their main indication of milk supply and many researchers, clinicians, and breast-feeding women do not  evaluate actual milk supply. The relationships between PIM and socioeconomic or demographic variables as well as early breastfeeding behaviors have not been adequately addressed in the literature.

The Conclusions of the review : Recommendations include improvement of maternal education about behaviors to ensure adequate supply, assessment of milk supply, and infant cues as well as further

research into the root causes of PIM.

The Clinical Relevance: Practitioners involved with maternal child health can improve their care of women and infants by understanding the subjective nature and questionable accuracy of PIM and changing assessment of milk supply.(Gatti, 2008)


freewriting “How to cope with living in Jakarta?”

Jakarta is the most crowded city. And How to cope with living in Jakarta? There are three point that we should describe e.i financial support, environment support and individual support. Talking about financial support, you should have a money, get a cheaper dormitory and closer to your office, make your food by your self and find the cheapest place for shopping. How about the environment support? You should have a good environment, have many friend and should be nice to others. The last is Your individual support, how to manage your self such as wake up early morning and you should prepare all by your self, make time schedule for daily activity, and strict to the time and your purpose.

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